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Sárvár is a small country town in western Hungary streches on the coastline of the river Raab. With its rich historical past offers every season something special.

Tourists are awaited by beautiful nature, substantial attractions and tourist spots.

Nádasdy Castle, a part of the National Cultural Heritage of Hungary, has been a historical memorial place since December 2011. Originally, it was probably an earth fort surrounded by marshes. In the 16th century, a pentagonal fortress in Renaissance style was built on the site of the former medieval castle. Nowadays, the Nádasdy Castle is a Cultural Centre, having a Library and Nádasdy Ferenc Museum operating within its walls, where visitors can learn about the history of the castle and the Hungarian hussars.

The nearly 10 hectare large Arboretum and Boating Lake System with water surface of 9 hectares consists of four parts, five bridges and five islands that make the place intimate. There are opportunities for fishing and boating, and ice skating in wintertime.

In the Adventure Park, a cable ropeway of 120 stands, a 10-meter-high climbing wall and an archery field are waiting for the excitement and challenge seeking visitors

The surrounding area of Sarvar is rich in sights, too; towns of Szombathely, Celldömölk and Koszeg are located nearby. River Rába is one of the last unregulated water tour route of our country. Many castles can be seen and visited by the travellers, among others: the Batthyány Mansion in Ikervár, the Felsőbüki-Nagy Castle in Sitke, and Festetich Castle in Szeleste.